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Terms and Conditions

* Non-refundable down payment on approval

* Due date : A Maximum of 10 Business Days

* In the event of recovery through an attorney-at-law, all legal charges will be borne by the customer

* Errors and omission excepted

* Payment by cheque is conditional upon cheque being honoured on presentation at the bank

* Cheques should be drawn to the order of MauZik Ltd

*Please ensure to write your Order No. at the back of the cheque while making payment by cheque

*If products is not picked up on due date, or customer not available to receive delivery, Rs 10.00 Additional will be applicable per day per canvas for storage fees until Customer Picked up at our  Head Office at La Caverne No.1, Vacoas, Mauritius or Add Rs 150.00 to schedule it on next delivery date according to MauZik Ltd’s Delivery Calendar.

* I ensure that I understand the Terms & Conditions Above.